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Enhance your selection of staff.
Get the maximum from your employees.

For you as a person

Get yourself to know better.
Discover your ability to define your own luck.

30 years of research

Personal Talent Explorer is based on the research of the psychologist W.V.M. de Roy, which he has performed from 1978 untill his death in 2008.

Proven result

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  • Do you want to know why people do what they do?
  • Would you like specific handles how intrinsic motivation – the ‘why’ – can contribute to the person and the organisation?
  • Are you interested in bringing into practice these handles to relevant and specific action points?
  • Would you like to accompany personal development based on intrinsic motivation – the ‘why’ – of people?
  • Do you want to help people raise their motivation in their everyday life and be so luckily succesful?

In other words, if you want to go further with people’s development and perhaps have some experience with other psychometric tools, then Personal Talent Explorer is something for you.

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