Foundation training


  • Raise self-awareness, build teams, and add focus and depth to development interventions with Personal Talent Explorer
  • Understand the wide variety of business applications to which Personal Talent Explorer can be applied
  • Create a more effective (business) culture, using an easily accessible framework for identifying potential
  • Access a wealth of possibilities to align human potential with organizational goals and targets
  • Personal Talent Explorer accreditation is essential if you want to administer the online test, access reports and other resources (in a range of languages), and conduct feedback sessions with individuals and groups


An intensive and effective training programme has been developed in order to maximize the benefits of using Personal Talent Explorer in coaching and guiding your clients. The Personal Talent Explorer Foundation Programme provides the qualification training necessary to administer and provide feedback on Personal Talent Explorer.
This programme has been designed for professionals who are committed to deliver top quality coaching and to stand out by deepening their skills. To qualify for working with Personal Talent Explorer does not only enrich your professional knowledge and skills, but also leads to personal growth.


  • The content of the Personal Talent Explorer scientific background and how to unlock the insight it provides on individual potential
  • How to understand one’s personality and talents
  • How to apply one’s talents to be successful
  • Essential skills to apply Personal Talent Explorer in one-to-one and group settings
  • Simple, practical, fun and relevant exercises to enable you to apply Personal Talent Explorer insights quickly and easily
  • How to use Personal Talent Explorer to gain greater depth and understanding of one’s talents and possibilities
  • Deep understanding of Personal Talent Explorer report I and II translated in:

a. Key Phrases which describe personality
b. Motivations which explain behaviour
c. Talents which are unique to an individual
d. Contexts in which an individual operates most effectively
e. Positive emotions attached to one’s personality
f. Skills for which an individual has a natural aptitude
g. Skills for which an individual has a less than natural aptitude

  • Behaviour as a result of ineffective usage of talents and skills, translated in:

a. Definition of ineffective usage
b. Negative emotions attached to ineffective usage

  • Individual learning profile which describes how a person learns most effectively
  • Criteria for an ideal role in which an individual operates best


  • Human resource specialists
  • Training and organisational development specialists
  • Career counsellors
  • Line managers and consultants
  • Anyone with an interest in people development

The Personal Talent Explorer Foundation programme requires no previous experience or qualifications.


Three days. Two-day and one-day workshops, with additional self-directed distance learning.

To succeed in your qualification training, you’ll need to:

  • Perform a Personal Talent Explorer interpretation and feedback session
  • Execute your practical assignment between part one and two of the training
  • Pass your multiple choice test at the end of the training


Adopting accelerated learning techniques, the Personal Talent Explorer foundation programme provides a varied approach, including distance learning, interactive exercises, and an engaging mix of group and individual work. Each participant will receive individual feedback during an observed practice session by experienced trainers. Your competence will also be assessed via a multiple-choice examination.


Your investment in attending Personal Talent Explorer Foundation Programme is € 2.850, – ex.VAT.