Personal Talent Explorer supports youngsters in taking decisions from their core, from their own motivation, from what is important to them. In this process the youngster is in the centre and is not compared with others. The process out of the core – the ‘why’ – is conscious and considered.

The offer of education and professions has enormously increased in the last years, just as the responsibility for the right decision. Many youngsters don’t see the wood for the trees and look for help in the form of accompaniment in choosing studies. Personal Talent Explorer helps youngsters in the choice of their education or profession by making their intrinsic motivation insightful- in other words, what they naturally like. This sounds simple, but just because of the enormous quantity of impulses and by the increased choice of possibilities making the good choice still appears to be more difficult.
Additionally prevails in this group a great need for appreciation and recognition for individual personality. Psychometric instruments which make a comparison with other young people are therefore unfamiliar.
Personal Talent Explorer doesn’t advise a specific profession or education, but gives the conditions for a career or training to match the participant.
Below you will find some ideas and experiences which may be useful if you want to guide young people in their choice.

Personal Talent Explorer is a tool to help young people to become aware of their unique intrinsic motivation.
By using intrinsic motivation in relation to education and professions of choice, the chance of success increases dramatically. Young people comment they accept the report easily, because Personal Talent Explorer is really about their individual needs. Comments from young people can be found under references.


Youngsters bcome aware of their unique combination of talents which can be further developed for a successful education. They get self-insight and particular handles about their best way to learn, and they can test and enhance the choice of education with that.


The facilitator or coach gets very specific guidelines about the way an individual youngster learns best. The parents or guardians gain insight which help to provide ‘better guidance in the process of selecting a suitable training and career.


These advantages also have a long-term social relevance. By helping people in their education- making a conscious choice of profession from their own strength a significant cover can be achieved. People become aware of the fact that they have something valuable and uniqe to give, hence they are challenged to get going with they talents. This cover contributes to life a long work and learning, because people are addressed on their intrinsic motivation and the permanent development of themselves.


Personal Talent Explorer gets fast and effectively to the core; why do youngsters do what they do?
Personal Talent Explorer lights up exclusively the participant; there is no comparison with other youngsters.
Personal Talent Explorer gives particular handles how can the intrinsic motivation – the ‘why’ – contribute to the young and their environment.
With the help of Personal Talent Explorer you can transfer these handles to the relecant and particular action points on the field of education- and profession choosing.
Personal Talent Explorer empowers you to lead an education and occupation choice that is based on the intrinsic motivation of the youngster.
Personal Talent Explorer enhances the output of education and occupation choice.
The questionaries are not possible to manipulate. The statements are being chosen in the way that makes it impossible to put a link between the statement and a possible desired result.
The report is a workbook where participants have to make their own notes and conclusions. By doing so it is their own document and not a judgement of an ‘expert’.
Potential problems are exposed in a zingy, solution-oriented form.