“‘During my feedback session, I was surprised how much personal information was summarized. The report was a precise definition of ‘me’. I took part in many tests, but none came so close to me as Personal Talent Explorer.”

– Participant Personal Talent Explorer


Real development is self-development and a thorough understanding of reasoning behind behaviour is essential in this process. People are unique individuals who don’t fit in categories or standard profiles. Personal Talent Explorer’s reports have been developed with the uniqueness of each individual in mind and offer an in-depth understanding of someone’s reasoning and motivation.

In Personal Talent Explorer’s reports the individual and unique reasoning behind motivation is emphasized on. This means that in the reports of Personal Talent Explorer, one doesn’t find any statistic score whatsoever. Reports are generated in crisp and clear language without any judgement or comparison to a peer group.


Next to individual reasoning and motivation, Personal Talent Explorer provides insight in a team. Personal Talent Explorer provides insight in what really invigorates a team and its true potential by merging results into a team report.


Personal Talent Explorer is flexible in its reporting system, which means that reports can be adapted to specific organizational needs. Existing talent management programs, management development processes or competency systems can be integrated in organization-specific reports.


Personal Talent Explorer has been fully automated in order to keep this entire process objective, effective and efficient.

A private IT-platform from which invitations to participants can be sent, reports can be generated, saved and analysed is available to organizations which are working with Personal Talent Explorer. The platform can also be accessed by mobile internet devices such as I-pad, I-phone and androids. Working with Personal Talent Explorer is flexible, easy and fun.

Participants fill in online questionnaires taking no longer than half an hour. Participants then receive a report highlighting their individual preferences and development needs. These preferences and needs can be connected automatically to opportunities within your organization; for example in terms of education, competencies and functions available. By using an objective and unique method an alignment between an employee and your organization is guaranteed.


  • Personal Talent Explorer brings you to the core fast and effectively; why do people do what they do?
  • Personal Talent Explorer provides you with the tools you need to translate motivation and talent into real opportunities.
  • Personal Talent Explorer facilitates in sustainable development based on intrinsic motivation.
  • Personal Talent Explorer structures personal development, management development and talent management.
  • Personal Talent Explorer can be used next to other existing psychometric instruments.
  • Effectiveness and ROI is increased significantly when using Personal Talent Explorer.


  • Personal Talent Explorer emphasizes recognition and positive interpretations of each individual’s qualities.
  • These tools can be used at an individual as well as at a group/team level.
  • Questionnaires cannot be manipulated. Statements have been carefully selected so that no relationship can be deduced between the statement and a possible desired outcome.
  • The report comprises a workbook in which participants can make their own notes and conclusions. This makes it a unique personal document with tailor-made solutions.
  • Potential problems are brought to light in a positive and solution-focused fashion.